A game jam is similar to a hackathon, but for game developers designing and creating a game within a short span of time. Here’s an in depth description from Wikipedia.


Local organizations in Pasadena are coming together to promote games. With partnerships with various Pasadena programs, our organizers from each group have brought together an amazing team of developers, mentors, and more for the Rose Valley Jam.

WHEN IS the rose valley jam?

This would happen from April 12th - 14th. Participants will have the weekend to create a vertical slice/demo of an actual product. Coordinators will organize food/breaks to encourage staying healthy during this event!


CalTech will be our focus. This will encourage students to learn more about their community, but also give them a glimpse of what the pursuing technology as a career is like.

Teams! Should I join a team?

Yes! We’ll be breaking down the event into groups of 5 people. Each team will receive 1 mentor/professional for guidance and the other 4 will be based on individual strengths. It is also totally okay to work by yourself since you’ll be offered a mentor regardless! Participants will be determined after our group social.

This is my first game jam! Is that alright?

Yes! We’ll have general in-engine dev kits for people wanting to learn this weekend. Coordinators will be offering outside of class workshops as well! This gives participants an opportunity to dabble in engine before the actual event so they have a general fundamental understanding on making prototypes/games.

How will teams communicate?

We made a server for the popular chat service, Discord. This is to benefit of any jammers who want to hear announcements, share their progress, and ask for feedback! Every team will receive this and also access to an overall Google Drive as well for them to store files. This will be provided once accepted to participate.

Can I work on multiple games?

Totally! The coordinators would have to check with the participant first, but people with skills like music & audio production are very well suited for this type of collaboration. We encourage members helping each other out and maybe teaching something as well.

What are team roles?

  1. Artist
    Artists will work in creating 2D/3D assets including: creating icons, buttons, model textures, sprites, animations, game screens, and much more. A close working relationship with the programmer will be key to creating assets that will work well in the game engine.

  2. Designer
    Designers will write and maintain game design documents, develop and program prototypes, devise and implement level design in code, and strategically structure playtests to solicit the most meaningful feedback. A close working relationship with the programmer will be key to designing a game that will work well in the game engine.

  3. Programmer
    Programmers will work with the designer to develop the game mechanics and implement the game levels, and will work with the artists to develop the GUI and HUD. Programmers, with the help of designers, will prototype game concepts to test their technical feasibility, playability and FUN. NOTE: Messy code that that works imperfectly is infinitely better than beautiful code that takes a long time to write—holding out the empty promise of working perfectly.

  4. Sound Designer and Music Composer
    Sound designers/composers will work with the game designers to create sound effects and music that serves the narrative and theme of the game design. Downloading sound effects from the internet and remixing them into new sound effects is encouraged.


Since the event will be on a campus, there will be internet available throughout the weekend.


Students will need to bring their own laptop to develop games. We will provide resources for the game engine Unity, but students are open to using other software of their choice. This is a free game engine developers use, but open for anyone.


There are no winners or ranking of the jam. Focus on making a super cool project you are proud of since we’re here to have fun and not be stressed! That doesn’t stop us in offering prizes though. At the end of our jam, we’ll be randomly raffling off prizes for participants! :)

Is this overnight?

No! Students will commute each day since the event is in their area. Since this event is on a holiday weekend, parking is free as well! Transportation will be covered on their side, but if there is a special request on group ride shares then the coordinators can find accommodations.