Welcome to our volunteer application! If you would like to help out during the weekend event, please fill out the information below. We’ll get back as soon as possible!

Ways you can help:

  1. Industry Mentor - This position entails overlooking a team of 4-5 students throughout the weekend. Similar to a project lead/producer at a studio, this position will be hands on with the development process and scope.

  2. Event Staff - Since the event privately hosted at Caltech, the coordinators will need an amazing team to help set up rooms, keep the the area clean, creating a positive environment for visitors, and much more.

  3. Guest Speaker - With students all over the Pasadena Unified District, there will be opportunities throughout the weekend for game developers to share their wisdom in an open seminar and Q&A.

  4. Media Team - This is the first ever Rose Valley Jam and why not help create promotional material throughout the weekend? This position entails creating videos/documentaries and taking event photos.

NOTE: Volunteers must be 18 years or older.


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